sõle pst tallinn


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, nearly all Soviet symbols, adornments, statues, etc. were removed in the former Soviet countries. All street names referring to the Soviet Union or Communism were changed.
In Tallinn, however, a significant part of Soviet architecture was preserved, also with Soviet adornments.
There have been plans and wishes in all countries to remove large and conspicuous Soviet monuments but it is difficult and expensive to remove such buildings such as the cultural centres and palaces in Warsaw and Riga, as well as the Concert Hall complex at the port of Tallinn.
Many of the old town centres are also influenced by Soviet buildings, without taking account of the original architectural values, especially new buildings erected immediately after the Second World War, when many town centres were subject to considerable destruction.
The following describes some examples of Soviet architecture and adornments in Tallinn. Many of the buildings are dominated by classical elements such as pillars and adornments. This neoclassical architecture was very popular among the Soviet political elite because it was an expression of the power of the state.


sõle pst tallinn


Tallinn Linnahall

Tallinn Linnahall


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